Holistic Therapy Treatments For Chronic Pain

Holistic Therapies Treatments For Chronic Pain

At the Secret Garden we know how restricting and limiting chronic pain can be. I myself have suffered from Sciatica in the past and it was absolute torture. The drugs that I was on to treat it were as bad – I absolutely hated the impact that they had on me.
Thankfully, I had access to an amazing physiotherapist who helped me with exercises, massage, and acupuncture.

I was off the meds in no time and thankfully 3 years on I have not had a flare up (touch wood that this continues)!
As many of you know, I have a lifelong interest in holistic therapies and really believe in the power of complimentary therapies. I have spent the last year (particularly in lockdown) learning more about the causes, treatment, and psychology behind chronic pain, particularly relating to lower back issues.

So what can we offer you?

Massage is the first step, in particular hot stone therapy. Through massage, we can identify the trigger points for the pain and then work out a treatment plan. The stones are an excellent heat treatment that help to warm up the muscles quickly and allow us to work out knots and other areas of tension. Often with less severe flare ups a few sessions of this is all that you need.

Massage is also excellent for relieving stress and tension, releasing endorphins such as Oxytocin that help to calm you and telling your brain that all is well.

By far the most effective treatment for chronic pain is acupuncture. A lot of people are put off of this therapy as they have a fear of needles. I can assure you, these are so thin that most people don’t even realize that they have been inserted.
I practice Clinical Acupuncture which has been signed off by NICE for use in the NHS for pain management.

Acupuncture helps to stimulate the muscles, releasing nociceptor’s that tell the brain that all is well. They also release endorphins that help to relieve the pain. This is a more intense therapy than massage alone, although we usually do both together.
I have seen fabulous results from acupuncture in shoulder and neck pain, sciatica and also Rheumatoid Arthritis. Usually, a few sessions are recommended. If you’d like to know more about therapies for pain management then please contact us.

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