Firstly during this treatment we will make sure that you are very relaxed! 
Secondly your holistic therapist at Secret Garden will apply a heated eye mask.  Which is used as an extra treat.  To ensure that you have some essential me-time. 
Thirdly, if you book an hour long treatment, you will also benefit from a relaxing hand and arm massage too.

A course of treatments is recommended, to help you to detox.   Additionally so that you can fully benefit from this. The package  includes one hour session and three half hour sessions.  BUY TODAY and you can receive all of this for ONLY £100.  (A bulk buy saving of £20.  Compared to the cost of booking each foot spa treatment  individually).  To view the treatment pricelist online click here.

Foot Spa

This is a wonderful treatment that will relax and detox! At the Secret Garden we use the revolutionary BioEnergiser De-Tox Spa System.  The BioEnergiser kick starts your natural detoxification process.  Designed to rebalance your body.   And as a result, creates renewed energy levels plus a feeling of well being.  
Did you know your body naturally detoxifies every day?  This detoxification is part of our usual body functionality.

Our kidneys, liver, colon, lymph glands, lungs and skin for instance. Eliminate toxins and waste.  These toxins can be found in our everyday environments. From tobacco, alcohol and food additives.  Additionally from drugs and anaesthetics, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants.  Therefore, we need our body to function optimally and for the toxins to be released from our systems.

So you may be asking yourself...Why?
Because  toxins can cause a wide variety of side effects.  These harmful waste products attack our immune system.  

Side effects can range from;
Lethargy and tiredness.  Headaches and migraines.  Colds and flu.  Bad skin, bad breath.  Body odour problems.  Sinus problems and more.  The list goes on...

It's a fact that some theory exists that detoxification may at some point be suggested.  As an alternative to the prevention of immune deficiency diseases.

Bio-Energiser D-Tox Spa starts the process of rebalancing your body’s bio-energy.   Effectively rebalancing the cells equilibrium.  Of both your positive and negative ions.  Which, in turn, ‘kick starts’ the dispersal of the unwanted toxins.

The renewed re-balancing of the cells, ensures re-hydration.  Resulting in optimum efficiency of their function.  To extract nutrients and dispose of unwanted waste. To book your  BioEnergiser De-Tox Spa treatment NOW  click here.


Rating – Excellent. 10/10. Lovely relaxing setting for the treatments! 

A peaceful, tranquil environment. I immediately felt at ease, this is the biggest secret to my health, that no medical intervention has been able to alleviate. Reiki & Access Bars therapy help my  old injuries (car accident) to my spinal cord, neck, head & ears. Reiki relieves my spine of tension & pressure from inflammation.  Nicky is experienced  & knowledgeable recommending  further treatments to alleviate my condition.
Shona O 


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