What To Expect From Your Swedish Massage

Swedish massage can either be performed on the neck, back and shoulders or as a full body massage. It is excellent for relieving tension which may result from having a desk job or aches and pains caused by more physical effort or injury.

As with most massage techniques Swedish massage is relaxing and helps to clear your head, relieving stress, tension and anxiety.

After your massage you will be encouraged to drink a lot of water to ensure that your body continues to flush out the toxins that the massage has released from your body. You should also try to keep the massage oil on as long as possible as they are nourishing the skin.

As part of your consultation, you should let the therapist know the kind of pressure that you like and continue to do so throughout the treatment if you are experiencing too much pressure or would like a little more. This is your session, it is important that you enjoy it. To view our pricelist and bundle discounts on massage treatments CLICK HERE.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is a lovely, gentle massage which is an ideal introduction to massage therapy.

The massage starts by warming up the muscles and tissue with a series of long flowing massage strokes known as "effleurage". These also help to stretch out the muscle fibres, and helps us to identify areas of tension, that need to be massaged out. 

Once the muscles have been warmed up, the signature Swedish massage movements, which are a combination of manipulation and vibration. A lot of people think of these movements  when they imagine experiencing a massage.  A Swedish Massage may sound and look painful, but in reality, it is not!

Petrissage follows effleurage. (The lifting and the squeezing of the muscles). We also use friction techniques, in a series of massage strokes.  Designed for the muscles, to keep warming and soothing. Tapotement (literally tapping using a repetitive striking of the hands). Followed by various vibration techniques that will occur as we move throughout your Swedish Massage. CLICK HERE To book your Swedish Massage online TODAY. 


Rating – Excellent. 10/10. Lovely relaxing setting for the treatments! Immediately felt at ease. The Secret Garden is the biggest secret to my life & health no medical intervention has been able to alleviate so far. Favourite therapy is Reiki & Access Bars for old injuries (car accident) to my spinal cord, neck, head & ears. Reiki relieves me of tension & pressure build up from spine inflammation. Nicky is knowledgeable & sympathetic to my needs, suggesting further treatments to alleviate my condition.
Shona O 


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