1.  Bonding  & attachment.
2.  Stimulates oxytocin.
3.  Baby develops a language of touch.
4.  Increases confidence in handling & listening to your baby.
5.  Aids relaxation.
6.  Effective in dealing with baby digestion issues ie colic naturally.
7.  Soothes restlessness & establishes good sleep patterns when incorporated into a bedtime routine.

Did you know Secret Garden Holistic Therapies offer five week BABY MASSAGE courses?
These are delivered either online via Zoom or face to face in very small classes (as conditions allow). We also offer 1:1 classes if you’d prefer.

In the classes you will gradually build up to a full body routine and you will be encouraged to use each week’s techniques at home.  In order to build up your confidence to continue at the end of the block.

A baby massage course is a lovely gift for any new parent or any family member to receive! are available for any special occasion. To visit the Gift Vouchers section on our website CLICK HERE.

Baby Massage

Is such a wonderful & special thing to do with your baby!  
It really makes for creating special memories you can treasure forever. 
Helps bonding and is full of many more benefits for both parents and the child.

At the Secret Garden Holistic Therapies, there is a range of options for Baby Massage available.  All of which are accessible to more than one adult.  Which means that you can join in as a family group.  To fully enjoy and appreciate this amazing experience together.  
  CLICK HERE  to view our Baby Massage treatment pricelist.

One of the primary benefits to both the baby and parent is bonding and attachment.  But above all it is all about providing a quality, pleasure-filled time between parent and infant. 

Through massage, the parent can gain a better understanding of their baby’s cues of responsiveness.  As they develop their language of touch in relation to each other. 

This can help to promote confidence in handling and listening to your baby, helping both to relax. It also stimulates the hormone oxytocin that makes us feel good and enhances a feeling of connection.

In addition, baby massage is an effective way of dealing with issues relating to the baby’s digestion, constipation and colic in a natural way.

 Helping to ease pain and discomfort which may be related to these or to teething which is a challenging time, to both the baby and the parent.

Regular baby massage can also help to sooth restlessness and help to establish good sleep patterns, especially if it is incorporated into a bedtime routine.

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Rating – Excellent. 10/10. Lovely relaxing setting for the treatments! The biggest secret to my health, no medical intervention has been able to alleviate so far. #Reiki & Access Bars my favourite therapies to treat old injuries (car accident) to my spinal cord, neck, head & ears. Reiki relieves tension & pressure from spine inflammation.  Nicky is knowledgeable & sympathetic, suggesting further treatments to alleviate my condition.
Shona O 


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