What To Expect From Your Acupuncture Therapy

Firstly - A Detailed Consultation
To establish what you are looking to achieve. An acupuncture session with Secret Garden Holistic Therapies involves a detailed consultation.

Secondly - Looking At Affected Areas
After the detailed consultation. We will look at the affected area. Discuss and confirm the area to be treated.  After this,  the muscles and associated tissues are  warmed up. Before applying the needles.

Thirdly - Treatment
A combination of needles may be used.  These may stay in for a few minutes. 

Fourthly - Before You Leave & Aftercare
Before you leave you may be shown some techniques.  Allowing you to continue to work on the affected areas at home.

Fifthly - Recommendations (If Any)
In conclusion and as a result.  A further course of treatment may be recommended (if required). 

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Benefits Of Acupuncture 

Above all acupuncture is proven to restore muscle function and motion. As well as offering pain relief, it is also a good complementary therapy to physiotherapy.  

In addition to the above benefits Acupuncture has also been proven to encourage the brain to release endorphins. This blocks pain signals. Therefore providing pain relief naturally.

Acupuncture has been shown to be very effective in the following conditions:

• Headaches & Tension
• Menstrual Cramps
• Knee, Back & Sciatic Pain
• Induction Of Labour
• Arthritis

There are certain points around the body known as meridians that can be stimulated. Using very fine needles to re-balance these meridians and to clear any blockages.

The Key Principles Behind Holistic Therapy:
Ensuring that mind, body and soul are well balanced, bringing it back into alignment.  Whilst simultaneously aiming to provide healing.

The History Of Acupuncture 
Acupuncture is one of the oldest branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has been practiced for thousands of years.  And is most commonly known for the use of needles within the therapy.

One of the beliefs in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that the body is broken into a series of meridians, which run from the soles of the feet,  to the top of the head. Carrying, Chi, Qi, or universal life energy through our bodies.  Passing through our organs, limbs and emotional centres. 
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Rating – Excellent. 10/10. Lovely relaxing setting for the treatments! The biggest secret to my health, no medical intervention has been able to alleviate so far. Reiki & Access Bars my favourite therapies to treat old injuries (car accident) to my spinal cord, neck, head & ears. Reiki relieves tension & pressure from spine inflammation. Nicky is knowledgeable & sympathetic, suggesting further treatments to alleviate my condition. Shona O 


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