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Most of The Secret Garden treatments use Neal's Yard Products. Natural & Organic.
With an in-depth consultation to create a holistic experience that is specifically customised & tailored to suit our clients exact needs.

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Secret Garden Holistic Therapies Bundle

The Secret Garden bundle package can include any of our treatments.
Simply book 3 of the same services marked with * within 3 months and enjoy a 20% discount.

Secret Garden Holistic Facials

A regular facial is such a treat for both you and your skin, especially with everyday pollution and the effects of make-up and aging.

At the Secret Garden Holistic Therapies, we use only natural, organic skincare products by Neal's Yard. These are packed full of essential oils and natural, botanical ingredients that are chosen for your skin type.

30 mins  £25 / £30
*60 mins  £45 / £55 / £60

Secret Garden Access Bars Therapy

Access Bars is a touch therapy where we manipulate 32 points on your head to help to remove unhelpful thoughts, behaviors and patterns to allow you to focus on you and what you need out of life.

60 mins  £45
*90 mins  £60

Secret Garden Holistic Massages

Address aches, pains and other issues or just spend some time relaxing we offer a wide range of massages. Massage is a touch therapy where we manipulate the muscles and connective tissue of the body to both work through areas of tension and promote good muscle health.

30 mins  £25 / £30
*60 mins  £40 / £45 / £50

Secret Garden Holistic Reiki

Reiki is a considered a touch therapy that works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It’s a practice of healing with our hands, channeling our universal energy through ourselves in order to heal others.

30min £25
60min £40 / £45

Secret Garden Holistic Ear Candles 

This treatment is also known as thermal-auricular therapy. Through the use of hollow candles and sinus massage, Ear Candles treatment helps to soothe and ease blockages and helps to disperse stubborn wax, easing pain and clearing the sinuses.

30 mins £30

Secret Garden Acupuncture 

Medical Acupuncture is very effective in pain management, whether short term injuries or chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Initial Consultation  £55 / 1 hour
Further Sessions  £40 / 45 mins

Secret Garden Baby Massage

Baby massage is a really special way of bonding with your baby, making them feel loved and secure. 
It also helps to soothe and ease conditions such as colic and constipation and understand your baby and their cues a lot more.

Online Class £40 / 5 week block
Group Class £60 / 5 week block
1:1 Class £40 / 1 hour

Secret Garden Sports Massage

Sports massage is a vigorous and deep type of massage treatment. 
Aimed at runners and athletes for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

1 hour  £40 
Discounted Packages Available £POA



Rating – Excellent. 10/10. Lovely relaxing setting for the treatments! 
A peaceful, tranquil environment. Immediately felt at ease. This is the biggest secret to my health, no medical intervention has been able to alleviate. Reiki & Access Bars therapy help my  old injuries (car accident) to my spinal cord, neck, head & ears. Reiki relieves my spine of tension & pressure from inflammation.  Nicky is experienced  & knowledgeable recommending  further treatments to alleviate my condition.
Shona O 


Secret Garden Holistic Therapies
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Phone: 0371 223 0231

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